Birthday Paw-ties

A birthday of PAW-TY-ing will sure make your pup happy! All the fun and zero clean-up!

Choose up to nine of your dog's favorite dog friends and we'll create a private, personalized experience.

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All parties will include:

- Set up and clean up

- Pup cake or XL Birthday bone cookie

- Photo Props

- Games for the dogs as well as the humans

Party Add-Ons:

- Party Hats

- Cake

- Ice Cream

- Treats

- Plates

- Napkins

- Party Favors

- Birthday Toys 

$125.00 for one hour

$150.00 for 90 mintutes

$175.00 for 2 hours

Party Activities:

1.) Musical Hoops for Dogs and Their Humans

2.) Fastest Dog Contest

3.) Best Dressed Dog

4.) Dog and Pet-Parent Obstacle Contest

5.) Best Tricks Contest

6.) Peanut Butter Eating Contest

7.) Golf Ball Carry Race - Humans and Their Dogs

[Human holds golf ball on spoon and maneuvers their way through an obstacle course with their dogs on the leash]

8.) Simon Says

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Birthday Box available for the birthday boy/girl

Let the good times roll.

One of our trained staff members will host the fun activities and take pictures.

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