Tory Leather Dog Collars

MADE IN PA Tory Collars are an excellent option for dogs of all breeds, but especially those with longer fur. If you've ever struggled with normal collars flattening or matting the fur on your dog's neck, then this rolled leather collar is the obvious choice for you. You can keep the elegant look of a leather collar while still maintaining your pooch's gorgeous coat. Even better, these collars are paired beautifully with the solid brass accents on the collar. Not only will this leather collar look great on your dog, it is also sure to last through all varieties of situations. Whether your best friend is a working dog, a show dog, or just likes to hang out on the couch with you, the rolled leather design is tough in all settings. The seams are sealed with resin and nylon stitched to ensure that the rolled leather collar will be able to withstand the daily activities of all dogs. Tory Leather company was established in 1976 as a manufacturer of products for the Equestrian Industry. Because most horse people have dogs and love leather we were asked to make collars and leashes out of the same leather that we use on our horse products. Tory is one of the few manufacturers left in the United States who uses American Leather and Old World American Craftsman in the making of our collars and leashes

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SIZING - Measure you pups neck, add 2 inches to determine collar size

Product Highlights:

  • Rolled Leather Design Helps Prevent Matting and Tangles
  • Seams are Resin Sealed
  • Stitched with Nylon Thread
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Solid Brass Roller Buckle and D Ring 
  • Sizes 12 - 26


  • BLACK 

SIZES 12 - 18 ARE 5/8” WIDE SIZES 20 - 22 ARE 3/4” WIDE