Slow Feeder

Does your dog inhale food? Is the bowl empty before you've straightened up from putting it on the floor? Eager eaters like these often ingest air as well as food. The best case scenario is the air travels along the gut and is released as flatulence. This isn't too much of a health problem (for the dog) but can make a nose peg for the owner seem a good idea. On the other paw, air in the stomach can cause it to swell up and BLOAT. If the dog then runs around or plays, they are at greater risk of the stomach flipping over to cause a condition commonly known as BLOAT. Bloat is a life-threatening condition that requires emergency surgery, and even then, lives are lost. This is the reason for the premise that anything that makes eating safer seem a good idea. A slow feeder does what it says on the label: Slows up the ingestion of food so the dog swallows less air.