Quantum Leash - 6 in 1 Leash Hands Free Leash

The award-winning Quantum Leash is everything you ever wanted in a leash, and probably a couple of extra things, to boot. It can be converted into any of 6 styles, so no matter where you go, things are handled. Or sometimes not handled—two of its modes are hands-free. Adjustable from 48" to 72" Floating, padded handle< Ladder style lets you adjust to any length< Reflective trim< Custom carabiner with bottle opener< Hand wash or spot clean. Air dry

  • Brand: Kurgo
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  • 6 ft. dog leash<
  • 3 ft. training leash<
  • Hands-free over the shoulder courier style (great for hiking)
  • Hands-free around the waist (great for running)
  • Double dog walker<
  • Easy tether<