Move to Win Dog Game

Proper exercise for dogs is important to their overall physical and mental well being, but often “mental exercise” is given short shrift when looking at fulfilling a dog’s needs. Dogs that are bored and that have little mental and environmental stimulation can develop mild to severe behavioral problems as a result. Providing your dog with “brain exercise” is easy to do – here’s a great mentally stimulating challenge game you can try out! This game has three demanding levels of play that require practice and concentration level 1: work the knobs down the correct paths to open the corresponding drawers level 2: gently pull on loops to open drawers level 3: add cone stoppers that the dog must lift out to release the drawer cones must be lifted up in order to move them due to depth of compartment below


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non-slip rubber feet keep the base in place

includes booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training

materials: plastic, rubber, rope