Icelandic Cod Fish Chips For Dogs

100% Pure Icelandic+™ Cod Fish Chips With our Cod Fish Chips, you can treat your dog to a crunchy, all-natural snack that features just one ingredient—pure Icelandic cod (no additives, no preservatives and no supplements). They’re line-caught daily in the icy-cold waters of Iceland and are processed immediately for freshness you can count on without a heavy fishy smell. A rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, these delectable dog treats promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. They also offer dental benefits, reducing tartar and plaque build-up for healthier gums and teeth. With a single source of protein—100% natural and edible Icelandic cod—these tasty treats are easy to digest and ideal for dogs with food sensitivities.

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Pure fish treats for dogs. Contains Icelandic cod. For healthy skin and shiny coat. Full of Omega-3 fatty acids. Pure Icelandic fish. Nothing else. Line-caught fresh daily. Enjoy peace of mind. Our fish treats are cleaned and air-dried within FDA, USDA, EU, and MAST standards and regulations.

100% sustainably fished. 100% edible and digestible. 100% natural—no additives, no preservatives and no supplements. 100% single ingredient dog treat—just fish, nothing else! 100% Viking—air-dried as the Vikings did in 900 A.D.