FLiPSTiCK™ Chase and Tug Interactive Dog Toy

CURB SIDE PICK UP ONLY Burn off your pup’s excess energy faster with the new FLiPSTiCK from Pet Qwerks. It’s designed to give your dog a safe and exciting workout. It’s not only safe for your dog but safe for your hands as well. No more finger bites! Accidental bites from razor sharp puppy teeth are kept at a safe distance. Working with the same principles as the cat teasers the FLiPSTiCK is built for hard play and tough tugging. The fabric teaser is specifically designed to not injure your dog’s eyes and spreads the pressure of the tug evenly over many teeth. The knotted rope is woven for tug and the handle is virtually unbreakable. The objective is to tease your dog & induce him/her to chase the fabric bait. Your dog’s job is to catch the fabric teaser and it’s your job to make it challenging. Hold it high above your dog and swing the bait in circles. Vary the action by swinging it around your body or flipping it back 'n forth. Make it a challenge for your dog to catch it. Make your dog zoom around you to catch it. When your dog does catch the bait then you can go into tug mode. As your dog becomes more proficient at catching the bait you can increase the challenge. By pulling the rope into the tube handle you can shorten the bait rope. This lets you make faster changes in direction. Twirl the rope around you clockwise, then counter clockwise, etc. Continuously change up your movements to make them unpredictable. FLiPSTiCKs are called FLiPSTiCKs because dogs will sometimes do flips trying to catch the bait. For that reason it is recommended to play only on nonslip surfaces such as carpet or lawn. Slick floors can cause serious falls and or injuries. Always play with reasonable intensity.


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  • ✓ Burn off your dog’s energy. A well-exercised dog is less likely to exhibit destructive behaviors caused by inactivity and boredom.
  • ✓ There is no substitute for one on one time with your dog. It will make your pup healthier and improve the happy bond between pet and Pet Parent. You are partners in funship!
  • ✓ All components are made to provide durable and long lasting service.
  • ✓ No more finger bites. Puppies have razor sharp teeth that can cut you up in a hurry. Accidental bites from mature dogs can be devastating. The FLiPSTiCK lets you keep the danger at a distance.


  • FLiPSTiCK is not intended as a chew toy. We recommend that you put the FLiPSTiCK away after play and reserve it for interaction between you and your dog together. It will last longer and be recognized as the one on one fun toy! If you follow this rule your Flipstick should last for years!

    NEVER strike or discipline your dog with the FLiPSTiCK.

    NEVER use whipping motion as it could injure your dog. Twirl the fabric bait around at a reasonable speed to challenge your dog but not fast enough to injure your dog.

    NEVER overpower your dog or lift them into the air as they may fall. Do not alter the fabric bait. It is specifically designed to not injure your dog’s face or eyes. Once the fabric bait is torn off it is time to buy a new FLiPSTiCK as the bare knot could injure your dog’s eyes.

    All dog's personalities, reactions and behaviors are different; sometimes unexpected. No dog toy is truly indestructible. It is important that all dogs be closely supervised when new toys are introduced and removed if behavior is destructive and unsafe.