Flavorit Bark Bone Wood Mint Flavor

Pet Qwerks Flavorit BarkBone Wood Mint Flavor Dog Chew Toy is made with real WOOD designed for MODERATE and GENTLE chewers who don’t like to chew on harder nylon dog bones like senior dogs but still love to chew. Proudly Made in USA. The Mint infused Wood Flavorit BarkBone is a new novelty variant of Flavorit! This specialty wood with mint Flavorit BarkBone is attractive to dogs and helps to curb bad breath. It has tiny treat cells molded into both sides. The cells can be filled with peanut butter, cheese, cream cheese, or any other spreadable treat your dog prefers. The tiny flavor cells hold just enough spread to entertain your dog but not so much that they’re getting many calories. The success of other brands of nylon bones rely on the dog’s need to chew. Our bones actually encourage healthy chewing and make for a more entertaining experience. They help to satisfy your dog’s need to forage. You can even add a different spreadable treat on each side to up the flavors! No mess because of the concave design. The BarkBones are hefty in size and curved, so they’re easier for your dog to pick up and hold when chewing.


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  • ✓ Giving your dog non-edible bones also massages their gums and provides scraping action on their teeth, much like a dental hygienist descaling the plaque from human teeth
  • ✓ It helps healthy chewing and makes for a more entertaining experience.
  • ✓ It discourages destructive behavior when your dogs get bored.
  • ✓ Even though it works great with all kinds of spreads, dogs love it on its own too! The Wood Flavorit® BarkBone is infused with human-grade mint flavoring. You can actually smell the goodness of the mint right through the package! The result is a double-yummy and drool-worthy bone your dog will love even without any spread!

Choose the size that best suits your dog. If there are multiple dogs in your household, you should always buy the size suitable for the largest pet.

Don't freak out if your pup creates granules of nylon while chewing. These little rice size bits are usually not swallowed but if they are, they'll pass without a problem. For a satisfying chewing experience your dog needs to be able to do some damage to the chew. It needs to be scratchable. Glass hard nylon dog chew bones might not be favorite.