Deer Antler Super Dog Chew - Large Dog

Ingredients: 100% naturally shed deer antler. Description: Antlers are sorted by weight, rather than length - large deer antlers weigh between 201-300 g and will be either grade A or B. Recommended for: Medium to large adult dogs over 50 lbs who love to chew. Chew Time: This antler is likely to withstand weeks to months before it needs to be replaced. No Animals were harmed when collecting these premium chews Shapes will vary


Size: *
  • Large (under 7oz)
  • X-large (over 7 oz)

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  • Good for customers looking for a very long lasting chew. 
  • The heavier the antler, the tougher the chew. Whole antlers are much tougher than split antlers, and deer antlers are much harder and denser compared to elk antlers.
  • Pick the right sized antler depending on the chewing strength of the dog (i.e. a large German shepherd should not be given a small antler, they should be given a large antler).
  •  If your dog seems to not be interested in the antler, try to simmer (not boil) them for about 30 minutes in beef broth, to add some flavor.
  • Country of Origin: USA