Bass 100% Boar Palm Style Bristle Brush

The Bass 100% Boar Palm Style Bristle Brush is ideal for grooming short-haired dog breeds. Manufactured from 100% natural bamboo mean this brush is crafted from one of the World's most environmentally conscious materials. The bristles on this brush give an invigorating skin massage that helps stimulate the skin's oil glands. Regular brushing helps distribute natural oils for a healthy, shiny coat. Bristles are inlaid in a soft rubber cushion, making this Palm Pad gentle on both skin and coat. The handle-less shape and style of this brush make it very comfortable and easy to use. This brush should be used on dry coats only.


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Bass Palm Pad Bristle Brush Features:

•    Ideal for brushing short coats.
• Bristles stimulate the oil glands to help prevent dry skin.
• Features an elasticated hand strap for ease of use.
• Material: Boar bristles, bamboo, rubber.
•    Size: 12.5cm