BarkCHEW Dog Treats

Himalayan Dog Chew barkCHEW is a soft density chew, great for easy going chewers of any age or size. These soft chews are made with all natural, nutrient-dense ingredients providing your dog with the chewy texture dogs crave, barkCHEW’s are available in two unique, flavorful combinations of turmeric (with coconut & cheese) and water buffalo meat (with cheese).


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Key Benefits:

  • Natural and easily digestible
  • Limited ingredients
  • Lactose, grain and gluten free
  • Resealable bag keeps chews fresh
  • Great for any age or size

Ingredients Buffalo:

          Potato Starch, Cheese, Vegetable Glycerin, Water Buffalo Meat, & Vinegar (preservative)

Ingredients Turmeric:

         Potato Starch, Cheese, Coconut Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Vinegar (preservative), & Turmeric