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Pre-Class Concerns

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Please check the concerns/ behaviours you would like to go over with your trainer
Loose Leash Walking,pulling (Stop the dog from walking you)
Sit, Down, Stay
Watch Me
Leave it
Go To Place
Working through High Distractions
Canine Good Citizen
House training/crate training
Jumping up
Demand/boredom barking
Proper training aids for particular dog (breed/size/age)
Proper exercise (mentally and physically)
How to introduce proper and positive association body handling (whether with a puppy or new rescue)
Dos and Donts of Dog Parks versus Day Care
Pointers and Visual aids on how to read/learn what your dog is attempting to tell you
Whining/Barking when you leave or are gone
Destructive when left alone
Damaging/hurting himself when left alone
Defecating/urinating when left alone
Pacing/panting/excessive drooling
How to integrate Children and Dogs together properlyB
Teach children how to properly interact with dogs
Please any additional comments or concerns you would like the instructor to address