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Carol Millinghausen


Carol Millinghausen is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and honor graduate of the Animal Behavior College

A professional member of APDT and CCPDT, she is also a graduate of Ursinus College with a degree in English and Education.

Committed to providing positive based training methods and the most effective solutions to her clients’ needs, Carol actively pursues ongoing education and professional development by attending several seminars per year and keeping abreast of dog training methodology by reading current animal behavior and training literature.

The seminars have been by some of the finest trainers and animal behaviorists in the industry: Dr. Pamela Reid, Dr. Patricia McConnell, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Pia Sylvani and Trish King. She understands how to communicate with canines as well as teach humans; a very effective combination.

Carol offers training in basic obedience through the distraction level, training for the Canine Good Citizen exam, in home training and group classes for all breeds and levels, Intermediate and above.

Having fostered and rescued pit bulls for three years, Carol currently lives with her mixed breed, rescue, Vixen (the toughest dog she has ever trained!) and recently prematurely lost her pit bull, Jynx to a brain tumor and her pure bred Lab, Hercules, to old age.

Carol always puts dogs’ needs first and her specialty is in working with rescue dogs and dog to dog reactivity.