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Stop by and see us at the following community events:

JUNE 9-11 2017   Abington Hospital June Fete Village Fair - 2990 Edge Hill Rd. Huntington Valley PA 

Visit our store in the MONTGOMERY MALL all year around! Click For More Information and directions




Dog Rescue
Dental Chew
Multi Texture Design Provides Dental Stimulation and Chewing Satisfaction Satisfies Natural Urge To Chew Reduces Tartar Massages Gums
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Wee Wee On Target
Has fasteners where the pad is anchored in place - the pet cannot move it. Made of high impact plastic. Three sided corralling feature prevents missing the pad. Once the dog is trained to use the center of the pad the side walls can be removed. Fits all standard puppy wee wee pads
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Thunder Shirt
If your dog is frightened of thunder or other noises, you should try a Thundershirt. Thundershirt calms your dog with a gentle, calming pressure. It’s like a “hug” for your dog and allows most dogs to help them ride out storms calmly and contently.
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Bitchin' Beefy Bites
MADE IN THE USA Smell the beef, taste the beef, but ... where is the beef? Our deliciously tasty all-natural Bitchin' Beefy Bites dog treats are handmade with low sodium beef flavored bouillon
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